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The main activities

  • Project works (residential buildings, public buildings and facilities, industrial design, engineering structures, capacitive (silos, bunkers, tanks, water towers), design of foundations for equipment, garages, service stations, gas stations), design of internal engineering networks, systems and structures, design of external engineering networks, construction of supporting structures for classrooms and a building;
  • Development of specific projects (design of the building, construction work);
  • Technological design of facilities (energy sector, construction industry and building materials);
  • Erection of bearing and enclosing structures of buildings and loose soil structures, ground buildings, dams, embankments, foundations, brown stuffed piles and anchors, metal structures of buildings, public and residential low-rise, engineering, reservoirs, water towers, bunkers, silos, concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic constructions of buildings and structures in residential, public and industrial;
  • Implementation of complex internal finishing works, development of design projects;
  • Installation constructions of external engineering networks and water, sewer, electricity, communications, alarm, radio, television, information systems;
  • Installation of internal engineering networks, systems and devices: heating, plumbing and sanitation, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, automation and equipment;
  • Protection of structures, equipment and systems - waterproofing, thermal insulation, corrosion;
  • Installation of process equipment;
  • Commissioning works.

In addition, we carry a comprehensive selection, acquisition and supply of domestic and imported equipment at the manufacturer. All the above mentioned types of work we do «turnkey» to issue the necessary documentation of all necessary approvals.

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